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About PeopleTemp

Whether you require staff on a temporary (one day to 6 months) or contract (6-24 months) basis,PeopleTemp has the depth of experience to meet your needs. Once we grasp the skills required and the job at hand, we quickly and efficiently source suitable, pre-screened candidates who can hit the ground running.

We have a database of suitable candidates available with the required skills and we screen in accordance with the specifications agreed with you.

Temporary and contract staffing also offers immense benefits to employers:

For Job seekers:

  • Acquisition of broad experience ands new skills in various employment sectors.
  • Benefits of getting a permanent job from temporary/ contract jobs.
  • Opportunity to meet new people and learn about new industries, management styles and work culture
  • Flexible work life, temping and contracting allows you to choose when you work, for whom and how long.
  • Opportunity to try new things, discover your likes and dislikes and your strengths and weaknesses.

For Employers:

  • An employer is able to assess a person’s suitability for a role before offering them a permanent position.
  • Employers engage temp/contract staff to work on ad hoc projects over a set period of time.
  • Ability to reduce costs by utilizing short term resources.
  • In a situation of employee’s illness or extended leave of absence, engaging a temp is the best solution to keep the work going.
  • Immediacy - capable temporary workers... for sudden openings and urgent positions.

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